Business cultures and legal systems in the United States and in Europe or Germany despite all similarities differ widely. It is a well known but seldom recognized fact that the biggest faults in business transactions have occurred in transatlantic relations and not e.g. in relations with Asia or Africa. Think of GM and Opel or Daimler and Chrysler or Volkswagen.

The links provided are just a glimpse of the wide spectrum of requirements and regulations that apply to transatlantic transactions and business relationships.

pKornLaw provides transparency and clarity on these issues as it is familiar with both the European/German and the American / Californian legal systems.

Network Firms

Visa / Immigration

International Real Estate and Wine Law and Licensing

Tenancy Law, Employment Law, Tax Law

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  • KiGaLa – The child will be exposed to the Spanish or German language and also have the opportunity to enrich their English language skills. The teacher speaks both English and the new language to introduce the child to either Spanish or German.
  • Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool

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